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Below is a reprint of the press release announcing the granting of nonprofit status to the Cryonics Society by the United States Government. A PDF version of the release is available for download here.

U.S. Government Grants Non-Profit Status To The Cryonics Society

Tax-Deductible Contributions Can Now Be Accepted

May 12, 2006 --

The Cryonics Society ( has been incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. The Cryonics Society is the only organization in the world today dedicated solely to the promotion and advancement of the emerging technology of cryonics.

Following an assessment of the organization by the United States government, the Cryonics Society was officially granted charitable status and can now receive tax-deductible contributions from supporters.

Cryonics Society leaders welcomed the government decision. They called it another example of a growing trend toward popular acceptance of the science of applying extreme low temperature technology to one day extend human life.

"We believe we're at the start of a new era in cryonics" said founder and President Nick Pavlica, citing a recent public statement of support signed by sixty doctors, scientists, and researchers in nanotechnology, nanomedicine, cryobiology, and other new medical technologies. The statement called for the acceptance of cryonics as a legitimate field of study and for more cryonics research.

"Cryonics used to be seen as science fiction," said Pavlica. "Now it's becoming science fact. People want to learn more about it. We're here to help."

Pavlica pointed out that recent research experiments have broken new ground in eliminating freezing damage in cryogenic conditions. Whole organs have been removed, stored at extreme low temperatures, then restored and used successfully in transplants.

"That used to be impossible." said Pavlica. "Now it's reality. Cryonics is like that too. It's just over the horizon. And when it arrives, it could save a lot of lives. Provided we can break the cycle of unthinking criticism and build more public support.

"That's the job of the Cryonics Society," he added.

The Cryonics Society was founded and led by publisher and mass marketing specialist Nick Pavlica, retired former international attorney Bruce Waugh, and author and marketing consultant David Pascal. The Society performs no cooling procedures itself. Nor does it maintain patients. The Cryonics Society devotes itself solely to educating, informing and assisting the public. It aims at fostering what it believes will be a growing groundswell of popular and financial support for the emerging new technology.

The Cryonics Society has already drawn attention for taking new initiatives to change public perceptions of the controversial practice. Last year it sent the first series of direct-mail mass mailings in history to the general public to gather greater support for cryonics.

The Society has also been in the forefront of using new information technologies such as podcasting, the internet, and online social networking. The organization has made efforts to garner support from major media firms, and has been cited positively in magazines and news articles.

The organization takes pains to distinguish itself from cryonics service providers, however.

"We definitely provide a service," said Society secretary David Pascal. "But not medical services. People need to better understand how cryonics can benefit them and society. They need information. We provide it in the form of educational material. We also provide it by supplying journalists with unbiased up-to-date information. We want to build a new and more accurate picture of cryonics and its possibilities in the minds of people and the research establishment.

"We want to expand people's options. To give them new opportunities for life, instead of just the certainty of death from diseases like cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. That means supporting technologies and efforts that extend life. That's what the Cryonics Society is here to do. And now, if people help the Society with a donation or by becoming a supporter, it's tax-deductible.

"We're on the verge of a new technology that could add more years to people's lives than anyone ever thought possible. All we need to make it happen is enough people working together to support it."

Further Information:

For additional information on this or other cryonics-related news items, contact David Pascal at the Cryonics Society's offices at 585-473-3321, or email us directly or via the web site at

Free literature and ebooks about cryonics are available to the public at the Cryonics Society web site. Free subscriptions to FutureNews, the Cryonics Society electronic newsletter, are available there as well.

About the Cryonics Society:

The Cryonics Society, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is the only registered nonprofit organization in the world dedicated solely to educating and informing the public about the emerging medical technology of cryonics, to working with and assisting existing media to ensure fair and accurate news coverage, and to helping raise funds for public education and legitimate research and development.

Cryonics is the science of using extreme low temperature to preserve and restore life. Since its conception, cryonics has had to struggle with negative and inaccurate perceptions. The goal of the Cryonics Society is to reverse this trend and accelerate the acceptance and development of what potentially may be the greatest life-saving technology ever conceived.


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