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Cryonics Makes Headlines In Mainstream Media

Read the latest cryonics news as reported by the New York Times, Scientific American, Mensa Journal, and elsewhere. The Cryonics Society web site features several of the latest major news articles about cryonics online...

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Cryonics Society Becomes Tax-Deductible Non-Profit

After lengthy government review, the Cryonics Society has been approved by the US government as a nonprofit organization with charitable status. That means all contributions are now tax-deductible.

View our press release for further details.

Get Cryonics Information on your iPod

Cool Sounds: Cryonics Podcasting Takes Off

The new digital technology is helping cryonics supporters get the word out as never before. And get together and connect as never before too. Visit our New Media page for directions...


Meet Other People Interested In Cryonics

Cryonics Meetups All Over The World!

Did you know that cryonics supporters are meeting regularly in 98 cities throughout the world? And that you can get meetings started in your area just by pushing a button? You can even get and send directions using Google Maps! Just go to Cryonics Meetup at or visit our New Media page for more information...


Cancer Center Pioneers Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation In The Fight Against Cancer

Hibernation research may not only become a new way to fight cancer, it may also help turn the corner in the fight to make the idea of suspended animation acceptable to the public. Read more about the Cancer Center that funded and developed the hibernation process recently profiled by Scientific American...

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Inside Cryonics:

What's new at the Cryonics Institute, Alcor, ACS and other cryonics organizations? Click below for a brief update...


Ted Williams

Ted Williams In Retrospect: A Look Back

Baseball's top hitter hasn't struck out yet. Read a Cryonics Society opinion piece on the Ted Williams affair...


Cryonics World-Wide

Cryonics Goes Global

New cryonics facilities seem to be emerging in both Russia and Germany. But are they legitimate, or should buyers beware?


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