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First Immortal

The First Immortal by James L. Halperin is arguably the finest novel about cryonics ever written, as well as one of the most meticulously researched and scientifically grounded.

A national best-seller, The First Immortal is presents a balanced, optimistic, highly realistic and moving view of the possibilities of cryonic treatment as a path to extend and enhance individual human life and the future of human society.

It has been estimated that, since its initial publication by Random House in 1997, this novel has been instrumental in recruiting over half of those people now joining cryonics organizations.


The Prospect Of Immortality is the book that began the cryonics movement.

First published in 1964, the book went on to become a best-selling selection of the Book-Of-The-Month club as well as numerous foreign-language translations.

The author, decorated World War Two combat veteran and mathematics and physics professor Robert C. W. Ettinger went on become the founder and first President of the Cryonics Institute, one of the leading cryonics suspension service providers in the world today.

Professor Ettinger is also the author of other notable works of speculation and philosophy including Man Into Superman and Youniverse.


Europeans and readers from every continent will benefit from reading the Cryonics Europe Manual, one of the clearest and most concise introductions to cryonics, as well as one of the most comprehensive books ever assembled on the practical and logistics aspects of cryonics suspension.

Originally written by the then-facilities manager of Cryonics Europe, Alan Sinclair, the Cryonics Europe manual is also based partly on the technical writings of Cryonics Institute President Ben Best, one of the most knowledgable activists in the cryonics field.

The 118-page Cryonics Europe manual is required reading for any person or local volunteer group interested in the practical and technical aspects of the cryonics approach to potentially extending life.

The Truth Machine was the first best-selling novel by James Halperin, author of The First Immortal.

The Truth Machine describes the reaction of society to the invention of an infallible lie detector in the year 2024.

The book also showcases the future-history approach Halperin later used in The First Immortal to follow the impact of technological advances on society. An approach which here partly covers the coming rise of cryonics as well.

Enjoyable in itself, fans of The First Immortal will enjoy seeing the way author James Halperin develops in this earlier novel the techniques and insights that were later to flower into in his later cryonics best-seller.

The Scientific Conquest Of Death is collection of essays by nineteen scientists, doctors and philosophers on how technology is challenging and overcoming aging and disease, and how those progressive efforts may soon transform or even overcome what we have always thought of as inevitable death.

The authors share various perspectives on what may be prove to be one of the most radical and important developments in the history of humanity the possibility that technological innovations may in the not-too-distant future put an end to the inevitability of aging and death.

Thanks to the efforts of Bruce J. Klein and The Immortality Institute, the non-profit educational organization behind the book's creation, the book brings together some of the most advanced thinking of the day.

Authors includes veteran cryonics advocates, including best-selling author and innovator Ray Kurzweil, Dr. Aubrey de Grey of Cambridge, MIT Professor and father of American artificial intelligence Marvin Minsky, Dr. Brian Wowk of Twenty-First Century Medicine, Nanomedicine author Robert Freitas, Cryonics Institute President Ben Best, transhumanists Nick Bostrum and Max More, and many more.


Engines of Creation is the first book by scientist, author, and 'father of nanotechnogy' K. Eric Drexler.

Engines of Creation is not only still one of the best introductions available on nanotechnology and its implications, but in the chapters on biostasis, Dr. Drexler provides the first theoretical underpinnings explaining how and why nanotechnology holds the potential of restoring and reviving individuals in cryonic suspension.

Engines of Creation was originally published in hardcover by Anchor Books in 1986, and in paperback in 1987. Thanks to the work of David Littleton, the complete text of Engines of Creation can now be downloaded as a PDF file.

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