How You Can Help Make Cryonics A Reality

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There are any number of ways that a person interested in supporting cryonics can do so.

One of the best ways is to join with others and work together. That's why you should start by joining the Cryonics Society. We'll keep you updated as to the latest news and developments, we'll let you know where and how you can connect to others with similar interests and goals, we can provide information, resources and suggestions, and we're ready to serve as an unbiased guide to what's most helpful and promising in an rapidly-evolving field.

Below you'll find how you can join or donate to the Society, and how to subscribe to our free electronic newsletter for the latest updates.

There are several things that you can do to help cryonics whether you're already a supporter of the Cryonics Society or are just thinking about it.

For instance:

Connect With Others Like Yourself

Teams, friends and social networks can do more than one person can do alone. Cryonics advocates are not alone. Some of the most intelligent and prominent scientists of our day are cryonics members and advocates. And so are postmen, housewives, insurance salesmen, ministers, and schoolteachers. They're all people working towards the same goal as you, and it's easy and possible to get together with them, thanks to a new internet service called Meetup.

Just visit that site and type in 'cryonics' and you and anyone like yourself who's interested in the subject, and who is close to where you are, can arrange to link up with you and with others in a public meeting place, and not only brainstorm ideas on how to move cryonics forward but also have a good evening among friends.

Help Correct Journalistic Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings about cryonics are often spread by journalists or television programs, and are repeated to and by legislators. Yet many people who spread negative comments about cryonics aren't necessarily malevolent. They're simply repeating negative things that they've casually picked up, and in most if not all cases would be glad to have a more accurate picture.

People can get a more accurate picture -- with your active help. Thanks to mail and email, bad press can be responded to and corrected by informed people in every walk of life. All you need is an address to write to and solid facts and references backing up your claim. And our web site can help you find them.

Cryonics advocates can take their case to the shapers of opinion easily, directly, and courteously. Shapers of opinion do listen to the opinions of others.  To polite and thoughtful pro-cryonics advocacy as well.

Offer To Be A Volunteer

People honestly and generously support cancer research without ever wanting to undergo cancer treatments themselves. So with cryonics. While many cryonics supporters are signed up to receive suspension treatment one day, some are not, many are still thinking about it, and still others support the idea purely on the basis of its own social and humanitarian merits. You don't have to sign up for actual cryonic suspension to support cryonics.

And you can support cryonics and the Cryonics Society in more ways than monetarily. Donations help. But donations of time and skills and volunteer assistance help too.

If you have medical or lab research skills, contact the Society and we'll see that you get in touch with appropriate people in the major cryonics services. But if you have computer or office or marketing communications skills, or if you have a gift for organizing, or if you like to network with people via the telephone or the computer, contact the Cryonics Society right now. The Cryonics Society welcomes volunteer help and we'll see to it that your skills will be put to good use.

Help Us Let Your Friends And Acquaintances Know About the Cryonics Society

Do you know someone you think would be interested in hearing more about us? Is there a person you know who you think would like updates about Cryonics Society activities or would care to receive an invitation to join the Cryonics Society by mail?

Let us know. Just click on the link to go to our Recommend A Friend page, and enter the name and address of anyone you think would like to know about the Cryonics Society. Or enter only their name and email address. We'll send along a special invitation from the Society, and information about the latest developments in cryonics.

(And yes, the name of any person you recommend will be used for Cryonics Society purposes alone, and will be kept in complete confidence. Your own name will be kept confidential as well, and will not be mentioned to the person you have recommended unless you specifically tell us to do so.)

You can also let us know about people to contact by phone. Just call us the Cryonics Society at 585-473-3321.

Reaching Tomorrow Depends On Your Helping Today

The easiest way to help cryonics remains the old-fashioned way: contributions and donations. Not everyone has a degree in cryobiology. But just about anyone can send in a few dollars to support cryobiological research. Not everyone is an Emergency Medical Technician or a doctor. But just about anyone can provide financial assistance in amounts that are not a burden or a hardship. 

Donations and contributions can make a real difference. And they can make you feel better about making that real difference too.

Click here and our support page will show you how you can make a safe and secure online credit card donation to the Cryonics Society.

We need your help and we need it now. Please send your contribution today. Support the Cryonics Society.

Because the future depends on you.

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