Reaching Out To The Public:

   A Letter From The Cryonics Society

One goal of the Cryonics Society is to systematically let the public hear about the potential value of cryonics and the sound and humane reasons for supporting it. Sensationalistic media presentations have sent people the opposite message. The antidote is to let the public know the positive facts directly.

One way the Society does this is through the web site you're reading. Another way is through direct mail efforts.

Below is perhaps the first time in the history of cryonics that a large segment of the general public received a strong pro-cryonics message in the mail. Sent to a range of over ten thousand individuals, it resulted in contributions, requests for further updates, and new memberships for the Society.

Not a single critical or negative response was received from the public reading it. We believe these results indicate a much greater openness and acceptance of cryonics by people than some have thought. We reprint the letter here for your consideration.

(Note: a printable PDF version of full sample mailing, including the reply card, can be downloaded by clicking here. We encourage you to print copies and mail it to interested friends yourself.)

Dear Friend,

What if your doctor told you today that you were going to die?

That you'd die of a disease that could be cured one day -- but not now.

Imagine you had the extra time to reach that cure. Imagine there was a procedure that, if available, could save not only you, but your friends, your family, and millions of others, and could extend your life by more years than you ever thought possible.

Scientists and researchers are developing such a procedure right now. But although it might save more human lives than any measure ever conceived, it isn't getting the support or the funding it needs. All the people whose lives it might yet save could lose their chance. Because the public hasn't heard the complete story.

What is that breakthrough procedure called? Cryonics. A technology seeking to cool living things to the point where further physical deterioration all but stops. And which then hopes to restore them to perfect vital health, after their affliction has been cured or corrected by science.

Hope today - a cure tomorrow. That's the cryonics vision.

Everything You've Heard About Cryonics May Be Wrong  

Cryonics isn't science fiction. It's real, it's here, and it's available now. It hasn't been perfected yet, but serious research efforts are making constant progress . Did you know these facts?

•  Nematodes, a species with fully functioning digestive systems, reproductive organs, a nervous system, and muscles, have been cooled to 320 degrees below zero Fahrennheit in experiments, and have repeatedly been restored to life.

•  Frogs, turtles, and other animals can survive cooling below 0°C, and warm-blooded animals cooled beyond the point of what was once considered irreversible death have been revived to vital health.

•  At least a million human embryos are now being cryopreserved world-wide. And the number of perfectly healthy children now living who were at one point cropreserved embryos in liquid nitrogen ranges into the tens of thousands.

•  People drowned in near-freezing water have been restored to life time and time again. Children caught in snowstorms have been found with no vital life signs and have been brought back to life.

•  Breakthrough developments in cooling experiments on brain cell tissue have, by critical measures, produced no significant ice damage and 100% viability.

•  Entire kidneys have been cooled to 113 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, returned to normal temperatures, and have then been successfully transplanted?

•  Legitimate, long-established, legally reviewed organizations exist right now that can provide affordable cryonic suspension treatment not only to the wealthy but also to middle-income Americans.

Things people once called 'impossible' are now commonplace everyday occurrences regularly reported in our newspapers. Space flight. Artificial organs. Heart transplants. Cloning. Genetic engineering. Cryonics may be the next such advance. World-famous scientists are helping bring it closer to reality every day. The only question is when.

And the answer? As soon as enough people like you make the choice for life.

Cryonics Can Benefit Everyone

Think about it. Suppose there was a way to simply stop physical deterioration. To pause physical processes, the way we now pause a videotape or a recording.

Wouldn't that save thousands of lives by making organ preservation more available? Wouldn't it advance life-saving efforts in related fields like cryosurgery and cryomedicine?

There's no cure now for every sort of cancer. But people generously support cancer research. There's no general remedy for diabetes, or leukemia, or AIDS. But millions of compassionate human beings support efforts to find cures and solutions.

If you support those efforts, you should support this one. Because the goal of cryonics is to provide solutions and hope to people suffering from those illnesses, and from countless others as well. There is no research effort more deserving of your help and support.

A Chance At Life - Or Certain Death. Which Would You Choose?

Scientist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Sir Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey , successfully predicted email, laptops, global communications satellite systems, and video conferencing years before they became a reality. He says this about cryonics: "Though no one can quantify the probability of cryonics working, I estimate it is at least 90%... "

A "90% probability" of life - versus a 100% certainty of death. Which choice makes more sense to you? Do you really want that choice taken away from your family? From your friends? From everyone?

We know the choice properly informed people have made -- doctors, lawyers, world-famous scientists, teachers, professors, computer technologists, best-selling authors, millionaire businessmen. People like you, too. These people have already signed up for cryonics, and support it through membership and contributions.

What do these people know about cryonics that mainstream media hasn't told you?

Find out. By joining the Cryonics Society. A year's basic membership is only twenty dollars. But the rewards could last more than a lifetime.

How The Cryonics Society Can Benefit You

The Cryonics Society is an unbiased independent non-affiliated organization. It doesn't provide actual cryonics treatments itself, and it isn't directed by any organization that does. It informs and assists. It educates. It serves as a public clearinghouse and resource center for accurate up-to-date information about cryonics.

The goal of the Cryonics Society is to inform the public honestly and fairly; to advocate for more scientific research; to raise public understanding and support; to provide accurate information to journalists, news agencies, doctors, hospitals, and care givers; to help direct members to legitimate and qualified providers of cryonics treatment services; and to assist people seeking hope for themselves and their loved ones.

Return the enclosed reply card to the Cryonics Society, and you'll receive:

•  FutureNews. Access to our newsletter informing you not only about cryonics but also health, science, and cutting-edge technology as it happens.

•  Free books, information resources, and special access to benefits including free downloads, news and opinion, informational archives, and more.

•  Member Assistance to help guide you to legitimate, reputable, and affordable cryonics services organizations, should you choose to sign up.

•  An Emergency Hot-Line that can direct you to legal qualified cryonics services providers in case an unexpected emergency touches you or your loved ones.

Make The Choice For Life  

Would you like to look back with pride one day, knowing that you were at the forefront of something great? That you had the intelligence and foresight to see what others missed? That you had the sense to support science, and the compassion to stand up for life? Then act now.

Do the right thing. For a parent. For a child. For the world. For yourself.

Be a part of the future. Join the Cryonics Society today.

Sincerely, Director, Cryonics Society

P.S. We know you get many appeals. But you've never received one with more far-reaching significance than this. Help us make this exciting scientific adventure a reality. Don't wait. Return the enclosed reply card and join us today.

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